Space Days - Line-ups

Space Days - Facts

Space Days - Insert

Space Days - Idents

Space Days - 90sec promo

Space Days - On-air Campaign

The objective of the campaign was to promote a one-month program stunt about space exploration to Discovery’s core audience of men 30-45 in the Nordic market. The on-air campaign consisted of various continuity elements such as Logobug, Bumpers, Idents, Space facts, Inserts, Line-ups, Qredit Squeezes and a massive 90 seconds teaser spot.

Director: Stine Mjaaland
Art Director / Graphics: Peter Holm
Graphics: Jesper Hellvik
Audio Design: Roberto Johansen

Creative Director: Daniel Halasz
Producer & Director: Frederik Dammann
Director of Photography: Dan Aagaard
Audio Design: Adrian Scott